Spring has Sprung

I love to write. To me writing is therapeutic, I also want somewhere I can go to look back on things I’ve done, places I’ve been, books I’ve read, things I’ve made and thoughts I’ve had. So although I’m hardly technically minded, an on-line journal just seems more manageable than a hand written one or a scrapbook. Here goes…

So spring has finally sprung, the sight of blue skies and this bright ball of yellowness seems to lift everyone’s spirits and I am certainly no exception. I’ve been craving the vitamin D since the end of September! I am lucky enough to live in one of the most visually beautiful parts of the country and try my best to not take it for granted by getting out and about as much as possible, plus after having a few too many on Friday night after a hectic working week I desperately needed the fresh air!


Mental note – Always remember to take your make up off

Living in Plymouth means we have got the best of both worlds, the coast and the moors. Having of been on many a coastal walk lately we decided to mix things up and take to the moors and took a short drive up to Burrator.

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Unfortunately although it is officially now spring it is also officially still cold! Meaning we cut the walk short as I got over excited about seeing the sun and didn’t take a jacket, but the hour or so I was there I made the most of and it definitely helped with the fuzzy head.

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It was also mine and Patrick’s 2nd year anniversary, the best thing about our relationship is it’s just so easy. No drama, just plenty of laughing, my lover has become my best friend. That’s when you know you’ve got something special……